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There’s no doubt that a beautifully designed user interface (UI) and a smart user experience (UX) increases user retention. A captivating visual presentation for a digital solution creates a tower of strength between the idea and implementation.

To help your business, we at Lyla aim to craft memorable experiences that allow your users to do what they want to get done with a sense of delight and fulfilment. We combine flawless functionality with visual wow factor.

Our Approach to Create an Effective UI/UX

The goal is to make your product as intuitive and efficient through our proposed solutions. We work toward that goal by excelling user pathways as well as the functional section of each solution.

User Experience

We define stepwise user routes and the functional parts of the proposed solution to make your product as straightforward and efficient to use. This starts with user research (i.e., understanding users’ perspective) followed by UX audit to identify less-than-perfect areas of a digital product.


Wireframes are used early in the development process to define the basic framework of a page before adding visual design and content. We design mock screens for every view that your users may encounter in a digital solution. In this way, we show how various elements fit into the overall structure of a website.


With the process of connecting screens to create an interactive model we simulate the final product. Our goal is to create the most realistic prototypes possible, with pixel-perfect, high-fidelity execution.

Visual Identification

We define the visual appearance and feel of your digital solution and provide a full style guide that includes typography, color and other aspects.

Design System

Finally, we create a component library to ensure that the appearance and feel of your solution is consistent and appealing.

How Effective UI/UX Can Help Customers Progress?

The path of the customer is not a straight line. Users leave, return, bounce from page to page, and frequently seek outside input before proceeding. The more effective your UX and UI aspects are, the less people will rely on internet evaluations or recommendations from friends and family. Design features that reduce friction and guide users to the next step should be used.

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