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What is gray hat SEO?

In the world of site optimization, we have three types of SEO. It contains black hat SEO, white hat SEO, and gray hat SEO. According to SEO experts, gray hat SEO is much better than black hat SEO. Keep in mind that gray hat SEO methods have nothing to do with the other two types of SEO.

Before we start to talk about different types of SEO, if you are still wondering what SEO is or even how SEO helps your business? We suggest you read our other article in below about how does SEO help your business growth.

what is SEO and how does it help your business?

Next, we are going to explain the most common SEO techniques. So, stay with us until the end of this article.

Gray hat or gray hat SEO refers to those activities that are done to improve the ranking of the site. The important thing is that sometimes these activities conflict with the principles and rules of Google. But promotes these activities in a way that leads to being fined by Google. We suggest that you don’t miss the article about SEO.

Using white hat and black hat SEO techniques

In fact, if you want to use only white hat SEO techniques, you have to spend plenty of time getting to the first pages. It can take years to compete in some areas! On the other hand, using black hat SEO techniques will also result in fines and the destruction of your site. Gray hat SEO is the way to get to the first page. This is where gray hat SEO helps and brings you to the first pages of Google with the least risk and the fastest way.

In fact, gray hat SEO is neither black nor white! Rather, it is something between these two or a combination of them. This type of SEO is by no means illegal. But if a mistake occurs, Google removes you from its results.

Most common methods

Our advice to you is, as soon as you read the following methods, do not look to implement them on your site. Do more research on each item so that you can implement it with less risk.

In the followings, we will introduce the most common gray hat SEO methods:

1. Redesign your site pages

According to many SEO experts, it is better to redesign your site after a few years. When you redesign your site, its codes and instructions will change. Google will think that you are updating your content and increasing your credibility.

Note that this work is not as easy as it seems and only experts and professionals are able to do it. Since this is one of the gray hat SEO techniques, you should do it with caution.

2. Post positive comments on Google Maps

In this regard, we suggest that you first ask the audience who came to your business. Then reach your Google map and register positive comments for your business there.

As a gray hat SEO technique, you can visit your business map yourself with the different user accounts you have on Google and give a positive opinion there.

Gray hat SEO methods

3. Make external links

The second and most popular gray hat SEO technique is buying and trading links. You can do it in different ways. Google has denied this. However, many people do link exchanges with other sites or buy links from popular sites.

For example, one of the link-building methods is for two sites to introduce each other’s links on their site pages. Using the backlink technique is very important and if it is used clumsily, it will bring bad consequences for your site.

4. Create fake social network accounts

Another method of gray hat SEO, which many SEO experts use, is to create several fake accounts on different social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. They do it through them.

Do not forget that it is possible to do this through your own social networks; But if you want to have more incoming links, it is better to use fake accounts on different social networks. These accounts can also help you increase followers, share, and get more traffic.

5. Do comment marketing

When a survey is done at the end of your text and users express their opinion, Google will rank your site high. It doesn’t matter if these comments are negative or positive; Google likes content that makes the audience talk and interact, and it attributes this to the attractiveness of your content and increases the position of your site over time.

In fact, if you want to help your content get seen through gray hat SEO techniques, you need to use other devices or systems to post comments on your content. Be careful not to overdo it; Otherwise, Google will suspect you.

6. Buy expired domains

The web has used the gray hat SEO technique for a long time. Google will soon identify this method in its new algorithms, But it is still usable anyway.

There are many domains that are either expired or very cheap and have content related to your site. You can buy these domains and find the keywords of your site in their content and link to your site. Make sure that the purchased domain has a high reputation! If this domain has a high spam rate and low domain authority, then using it for link building will give you negative feedback.

7. Use the keyword in the title of the contents

Using keywords only in the title of the content and not mentioning them throughout the text is a gray hat SEO technique. Note that in this case, you are writing content based on SEO principles, which does not attract the audience very much. It is true that the effect of writing the keyword in the title is very high; But Google quickly recognizes that you are trying to bypass it.

This gray hat SEO technique works for texts that are short; But if your text has more than 1000 words, be sure to use the keyword throughout the text. Otherwise, Google will recognize this and give you a negative score.

8. Create a microsite or blog for your site

One of the best backlinks building strategies for your website is to create a microsite or blog. This gray hat SEO method will help you improve your site’s ranking without breaking Google’s rules.

Since in this method you are in full control of the content, you can use high quality backlinks in relevant content. Note that for more and better results, your blog content should be valuable and relevant to the page you want to link to.

Gray hat SEO techniques

Final word

Black hat SEO techniques violate all the rules that Google has in mind; While gray hat SEO techniques are not like that, and you can use them in the right place carefully.

In this article, we tried to introduce and explain 8 of the most common gray hat SEO methods.

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