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What is digital marketing? And what are its types?

People’s access to the Internet has increased as technology and electronic equipment have advanced. Advertising businesses can also use electronic tools to increase their profits. A new approach to digital marketing has enabled today’s businesses to offer their products and services to their customers.

The fact offline advertising and marketing are no longer as effective as in the past. In this article, we intend to discuss the concept of digital marketing and introduce practical tools. If you are interested, we suggest you stay with us until the end of this article.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the promotion of brands through the use of the internet and other forms of digital communication to connect with potential customers. This includes text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel in addition to email, social media, and web-based advertising. Essentially, digital marketing is any marketing campaign that involves digital communication.

Digital tools used by today’s companies increase profitability significantly. Digital marketing focuses a lot on customer behavior, which can lead to long-term customer satisfaction over time.

Today’s companies can analyze and investigate the behavior of their customers by using digital tools such as email, social networks, etc. The analysis performed provides advanced data that can be useful in selecting effective advertisements.

What is the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing?

The primary distinction between digital and traditional marketing is the medium through which a marketing message is delivered to an audience. Traditional marketing employs traditional media such as magazines and newspapers, whereas digital marketing employs digital media such as social media or websites. One of the main disadvantages of offline marketing was the huge advertising cost imposed on companies.

In traditional marketing, companies could not specifically focus on their target audience. Also, the measurement of the results of advertisements carried out was unclear. Online tools allow businesses to easily identify their target audience and conduct marketing in a targeted manner.

Digital marketing is a modern method in which products are presented to customers using new advertising methods such as search engines, click ads, etc. In terms of cost, it can be said that this advertising method is very cost-effective, and it is possible to target specific customers easily.

Six benefits of utilizing digital marketing

The undeniable advantages of digital marketing compared to the traditional method have led many businesses today to use this method to achieve greater profitability and introduce their brand. In this section, we intend to mention the most important reasons for using digital marketing:

1. Simple access to the intended audience

The primary benefit of digital marketing is the ability to reach a specific audience cost-effectively and measurably. Other benefits of digital marketing include increased brand loyalty and online sales.

2. Reasonable and affordable

As mentioned, using a new marketing method compared to offline advertising can save companies’ final costs. The cost of digital marketing tools is lower than the offline type and results in a higher return on investment.

3. Various advertising possibilities

The variety of advertising is extremely broad, and businesses can provide effective advertising messages for each segment of their target audience. This is a benefit of online advertising that is not available in offline mode.

4. Possessing measurement tools

When an advertising campaign is carried out, the top managers of a company need to evaluate the success rate of the campaign. In the traditional advertising method, this issue was not possible; But by using digital methods, it is easy to measure the advertising campaign.

5. Ability to improve the system

Digital tools can be easily improved and upgraded as needed as soon as the company’s advertising strategy changes. The correct use of all its tools makes it possible to expand business on the Internet.

6. Familiarity with all types of digital marketing channels

Companies can use different channels according to their needs to easily reach their target audiences. These channels are a kind of platforms that are used to achieve marketing goals.

Four most important digital marketing channels

It is necessary to use a combination of different strategies to achieve predetermined goals.

The following are the most important channels to mention:

Digital marketing consulting

1. Content marketing

It is safe to say that content marketing is one of the best types of digital marketing divisions used by commercial businesses. By using this tool, all kinds of services and products can be uniquely offered to its market. In this marketing method, the company can increase the trust of customers by using valuable content. This causes brand awareness to form in the mind of audiences, which ultimately leads to an increase in user trust.

There are different types of content marketing. We can mention blogs, making videos, posting on social networks, e-books, etc.

2. Search engine optimization

Most users when they are looking to get the services or want to purchase something, they start to search online in search engines like Google. They usually tend to choose sites that have a higher rank, like the ones that appear in the first or second position.

This shows that site optimization is very important. SEO, which includes on-page and off-page optimization, is one of the main channels of digital marketing.

What is SEO and how does it help your business?

3. Email marketing

An email has various capabilities, it enables today’s businesses to send advertising messages in a variety of formats. Today’s businesses can create a list of important upcoming events and surprise their audience with tempting offers to get better feedback. A business can send targeted messages to specific audiences by creating an email marketing campaign. In today’s world, email marketing is regarded as one of the most effective channels.

4. Social media marketing

What is important in social networks is to use the power of content. Millions of users are active on various social networks. Therefore, commercial companies can influence them directly by sending appropriate messages if they know their target audience.

Free digital marketing tools

There are two professional tools in this field that we will introduce below:

1- Google Analytics

It is a platform that collects data from your websites and apps to generate reports that provide business insights. Google Analytics is one of Google’s free services that provide administrators with general statistics about website visitors.

2- Google search console

This tool is suitable for SEO site management and analysis. Internet business owners can register their websites in Google Search Console to evaluate and analyze their websites. Additionally, the presence of advanced algorithms designed in this tool allows business managers to find their website problems and solve them accordingly.

The importance of digital marketing consulting

If you want to have the best performance for your customers, you must choose the best advertising and marketing campaign accordingly.

Many key indicators are effective in choosing a marketing strategy.

The SEO manager, the content marketing manager, and the social media manager all must strive to achieve the company’s goals to succeed.

Digital marketing methods

The final word

Digital marketing allows you to always stay in touch with your target audience.

Though digital platforms provide limitless opportunities for businesses, they can also be detrimental to a brand’s reputation if not handled properly. You can build market trust with a strong website and social media networks.

Finally, don’t forget that digital marketing tools are growing rapidly, and today’s businesses can achieve significant success by knowing these tools properly.

The combination of marketing channels will lead to a more accurate understanding of the target audience. After providing the desired advertisements, commercial companies should get accurate feedback from the created campaigns using digital tools. Sometimes, changing the marketing strategy in digital marketing can increase the chances of selling products and achieving business success.

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