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What is digital advertising and why do you need it?

What exactly is digital media advertising, and why do you need it? How do you make digital ads that are appealing to your target audience? Those are the questions that this article will address today.

64% say watching a video online influenced them to buy something. To reach them as a small business, you must be present, raise your brand awareness, and increase leads and sales. That’s why digital advertising is so important.

But what factors contribute to the effectiveness of digital advertisements? How can it help you grow your company?

What is digital advertising?

The process of publishing promotional material through online platforms such as social media, search engines, websites, and any other program that can be accessed digitally is known as digital advertising. Because consumers spend most of their time online, It allows you to take your business directly to where your audience is.

Choosing the right digital advertising campaign will save the final cost for businesses. In this article, we intend to share with you some interesting information about the importance of using different types of digital advertising.

Digital marketing or advertising?

Brand awareness is created through digital advertising, while brand development is accomplished through digital marketing. The goal is to increase brand awareness or sales. An advertisement is a promotional message to sell a product. It is more related to traffic generation in this case.

Since 1994, digital advertising has been evolving and is not considered a new practice. With the variety of styles available in this type of advertising and businesses can select the best option based on their strategy.

Digital marketing has become smarter over time and can be adapted to meet the needs of users. Companies used to display their products on advertising billboards; however, with the advent of new equipment, this style of advertising is now done through digital tools.

What is the difference between digital advertising and traditional advertising?

Companies used to send their advertising messages in bulk, without considering the primary audience community. It was extremely difficult to obtain feedback in this manner, and the type of advertisement imposed significant costs on businesses.

The variety of using traditional advertising is much less than its digital type. Nowadays, by using digital advertising campaigns, commercial companies can use different advertising techniques while knowing their target audience.

All forms of it can attract users, which leads to increased profitability over time. Today’s businesses can use smart tools to measure the effectiveness of provided advertisements. Organizing campaigns allows for instant tracking and review, which is a significant advantage in advertising.

Types of digital advertising

Types of digital advertising

In this section, we want to mention the most important types:

1. Search Engines

According to published statistics, about 80% of buyers do their research online in search engines before making their final purchase and most search engines are widely used. The most important of them are Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

2. Video Marketing

When using the video advertising method, you can also include appealing photos and videos. For example, if you run ads on YouTube, you should be aware that your ads will also appear on affiliate sites.

This enables commercial businesses to make the best decision based on their users’ personas. Choosing the right mix of videos to post is critical for increasing sales.

3. Social Networks

Social networks are among the most important digital tools for advertising by large companies. A business can offer its products and services to customers by registering on various social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

4. Influencers

Communication with marketing influencers is critical in the discussion of digital advertising and the use of advertising campaigns because they have a large target audience and have earned the audience’s trust through their consistent and popular activity.

It is possible to say that, working with influencers can increase your sales. There are several key ways to sell your products through influencers, from which you can select the best, based on your company’s activity.

5. Email Marketing

Most people who have access to the internet use email to meet their needs. In email marketing, the average return on investment is $40 for every $1 invested. Digital advertising via email has many advantages, the most important of which is finding suitable subscribers and simply keeping them with extensive interaction. You choose the best one based on your company’s activity.

Major activities in digital advertising

The traditional method is more general and without regard for the customers; however, the digital method is very smart.

Among the major activities, the following can be mentioned:

1. Run simple ads

It is better to avoid heavy advertisements for a digital advertising campaign. Audiences don’t have much time to see your complicated ads; so, it is better to consider simple advertisements to achieve the desired result.

2. Use every ad in one place

Note that if you broadcast your ads on TV, for more effectiveness, it is better to prepare new ads and publish them on social networks.

3. Follow the company’s brand identity

Maybe it’s time to realize that your company’s brand identity differentiates you from other companies and groups. To be able to run your ads in a targeted and intelligent way, it is enough to always consider your brand identity in your business strategy and follow it.

4. Use the experiences of experts

In digital advertising, you can achieve success when you use the experiences of professionals. You should always be aware of using different advertising platforms. You should be able to choose your advertising strategy based on the needs of your customers.

The most common targeting methods in digital advertising

To do digital advertising effectively, it is sufficient to learn more about how to target your customers. Knowing customers and using their characteristics entails several appropriate targeting strategies, which we will discuss further below:

1. Keywords

In this advertising method, the company can attract its customers by using the desired keywords in search engines. By choosing the correct advertising method you can achieve your goal in search engines such as Google.

2. Identification of customers’ interests

By using digital tools, you can easily consider your audience’s interests. Various platforms such as Google and Facebook will help you to access users’ interests by checking their past behavior.

3. Demographic characteristics

When you want to offer your products and services to certain customers, it is better to reach customers based on your general information such as age, place of residence, etc., and then offer your services to them accordingly.

The future

Media and digital advertising are well-known for being smart and effective methods of promoting today’s businesses. You can easily direct the targeted traffic speed of the audience to advertisements by using online tools.

The future looks bright, allowing today’s businesses to make the best decisions for success based on their long-term strategies. The investment of large corporations in advertising campaigns demonstrates that smart advertising will grow significantly.

Digital advertising campaign

Final word

When a company wants to improve its brand name, it should use planned advertising. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, digital advertising has numerous advantages that will attract target audiences and increase sales.

The distribution of specific content to specific users is known as digital advertising. Lyla Marketing’s experienced team, along with digital tools that can be used to make better use of this type of advertising, empowers commercial businesses to achieve greater profitability at a lower cost. Advertising and digital marketing have grown in importance in recent years and will continue to evolve.

We at Lyla digital marketing agency will help you take further steps towards your goals more efficiently.

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