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What is content? Definition and introducing 4 different types of it

Perhaps in response to the question of “what is content?”, we cannot provide a correct and complete answer in one sentence; But according to many experts, content marketing/production is a process during which suitable information is presented to the audience. To put it more fully, it’s the process of conveying a message and establishing a relationship with the audience through text, audio, image, or video.

What is content?

Content production includes activities that lead to the production of information in the media, especially social media. It is obvious that the more useful information is, the more people will be attracted to your business.

In the coming years, all businesses, regardless of what product or service they offer, will need a website and social networks.

The role of SEO

If you are active in the field of SEO, you must have heard the phrase that “content is the king”. It is the most important factor influencing SEO, the more original and valuable is, the more successful you will be in SEO. As a result, your site will rank better in search results. Nowadays, one of the ways of success in businesses is to produce useful and valuable content for the users of a site. Therefore, many companies have tried to provide these services for different sites, companies, businesses, and industries.

Types of content

Usually, when this type of questions arise, most people’s minds go to the contexts or texts that exist on different sites. Meanwhile, it can be divided into the following types according to their form:

1. Textual

2. Visual

3. Video

4. Audio

A business can be ahead of its competitors if it uses all four models above for its website. Stay with us to explain each of the above items in detail.

1. Textual

Textual content is the most common type of it. Usually, most content producers work in this field. Of course, many sites, depending on their type of activity, also cover news related to their field of activity by setting up a news section or blog.

There are different types of it to mention and any type of text that is produced in the web space or social networks is considered as producing textual form.

2. Visual content

Usually, It’s more attractive for users of a site due to its visual appeal. This type is more used in social networks such as Instagram or LinkedIn.

It’s also suitable for users who are only interested in images and can attract their attention. Because not everyone has the patience to read long texts. Under any circumstances, along with your textual content, use functional images to visually improve the level of the relevant page by several steps while providing more complete information.

3. Video

In response to the question of What is content marketing, perhaps few people mention video production, which is most visible on social networks and video-oriented sites such as YouTube. Don’t forget that these days, due to some needs and the increase in internet speed, you can attract many audiences and customers by using videos.

We suggest using both motion graphics and information to produce videos to convey more appeal to the audience. Only upload videos on your site that are useful and related to your field of activity. Because Google will review your videos as well as the textual content.

4. Audio

Another option that we should mention in response to the question of What is content marketing is audio content production. For people who don’t have time to read and see textual and visual content due to their busy work, audio content is the best option. For example, podcasts are audio content that reaches the public through the Internet. The advantage of audio content is that you can play it anywhere you want.

How to Improve it?

Some of the most important actions that you should consider are mentioned below. As a creator, you can improve your skills by studying 7 steps:

1. Determining the target audience or customer persona

You need to know who you’re talking to, how you’re going to talk to them, and where you’re going to find them. This work requires research and understanding of the audience or customer persona. In fact, the best content is the one that answers the questions of the target audience.

2. Preparation of your strategy

In the process of creating content for organizations, it is necessary to prepare your strategy and its roadmap before doing something else and make it your priority. The strategy should include everything from branding and tone. Also about how you are going to promote and repurpose it.

3. Choosing your type of publishing platform

After determining the target audience, you need to find a platform to publish it, which is usually a website or social network. If your previous content is outdated and needs updating, consider a program to optimize it first.

4. Content clustering

At this stage, you should have a column that defines the main structure or skeleton of your website or blog. Based on the arrangement of the content cluster, it’s called Pillar Content or Cluster.

5. Using social networks

Social media is a tool for building relationships and promotion. Usually, in the strategy of social networks, a part of it can be considered for introducing or promoting your blog content.

6. Specifying the keyword

Before you can think about the impact you will have on your audience, you need to make your audience find it. At this stage, you need to do keyword research. With keyword research, you can find your blog topics and create a content calendar based on that.

7. Click ads

Another way to boost and introduce your context is to use click ads. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) helps you get your content in front of new audiences through targeted, paid advertising. These ads can run on social networks, search engines, or other websites.

Final words about what is content

In this article, we have tried to give a brief and useful answer to the question in the beginning and list all the remarkable types and the role of SEO in this section.

In the following, we have described 7 of the most important actions related to content production. Since its the most important principle of your business, we suggest that you keep the above items in mind.

If you are looking for a reliable center for content marketing, you can count on Lyla Marketing Agency. For more information in this field, just contact us through our email or phone numbers.

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